How To Get A Food License For My Business?

Have you ever seen food shops being vacant? Even a small tea shop flourishes and increases incredible response from people. Yes! Food always gets more courtesy than expected. If you are forecasting to do a business, you can very well start with the food business. No food business can be begun unless a valid license is attained, therefore, it becomes vital to get a license.

The process is mentioned below to do the same:

STEP 1 – Filling Application Form B
Whether you are looking to get a new license or renew the existing one, the application form leftovers the same. According to the Food Safety and Standards (Licensing and Registration of Food Businesses), Regulations 2011, you require to fill out the application form B. Read the directions carefully and fill out the form.

STEP 2 – Required Documents
After filling out the application form, you have to attach the following documents:

  • A self-attested declaration as per in the format of Annexure-1
  • Copies of documents required in Annexure-2 of the Regulations.
  • Fees prescribed in Schedule 3 are dependent upon the category your food business falls in.

Direct these documents along with the filled application form to the Licensing Authority whether to State or Central. In case, if they need any additional information, you will be informed within 15 days from the time you apply. Accordingly, you require to submit your application according to the time period revealed.

STEP 3 – Application ID number
When the completed application has been received by the authority, you will get an Application ID number. This number will be supportive in all your future references to communicate with you and the Licensing Authority.

STEP 4 – Inspection by the Authority
According to the Food Safety and Standard Authority regulation of India, once you get the ID number, you can suppose an inspection that will be carried out by the Licensing Authority to the grounds where the business is likely to get opened. The inspection officer may check and guide you through obligatory steps to be taken or changes to be made in your locations to ensure general sanitary and hygienic conditions. Within the time period mentioned by the Licensing Authority, you need to carry out the required fluctuations. After 30 days from the inspection time period, the concerned Licensing Authority shall deliberate the application and either may grant a license or reject the application.

STEP 5 – Issue of License
When all the procedures are done and cleared and if the licensing authority has decided to provide you with a food license, then it will be allotted in Format C beneath Schedule 2 of the Food Safety and Standard Authority of regulation. It is prudent to display a true copy of the license issued within your business sites.

Online method
The entire process can be completed via an online medium as well. Fill out the details 00 online forms which can be found on the Food Safety and Standard Authority website. You will obtain a unique reference ID for the application. After receiving the reference ID take out a print of the ‘Acknowledgment’ and ‘Online Application Form’ and submit the fee and attach supported required documents. Submit your application to the State Authority or Regional Office of Food Safety and Standards Authority of India, within 15 days from the date of online submission of the application.

These steps will definitely guide you through attaining a food license for your business. If you want help, you can approach Food License Consultant.